Professional SUCCESS & Business Development

for agricultural organizations and businesses

Equip your people with the right tools and resources necessary to help them overcome any situation or obstacle they may face in their role feeling empowered and enabled.

Provide your employees with the right tools to succeed.

Team members who are constantly growing, contributing, and feeling fulfilled will take your business to the next level.  You can nurture the hearts, expectations, and ambitions of your employees through business development coaching that target the real issues your teams face.

  Business development can help your team:

1. Balance the demands of work and life.

2. Feel empowered to lead with confidence.

3. Develop a professional growth plan.

4. Build stronger connections with peers and clients.

Coaching & Training Topics

Mental Health

Work/Life Balance



Goal Setting

The Working Genius

You need Professional development tailored to The agriculture Industry.

Work with a certified coach who understands the different layers of the agriculture industry. Kacee brings over 13 years of professional experience working in ag on top of her years growing up and working on the farm. Being a certified Leadership Coach, Financial Coach, and Working Genius Facilitator, Kacee is sure to understand what you and your team faces and which tools are necessary to get the job done. Together, let’s equip your people and set them up for success. 

How to equip your team

Contact me to set up a call

We will discuss the biggest issues your teams are currently facing.

Schedule a Workshop

I’ll present a workshop that equips your team with tools and actionable steps for the future.

Watch your team grow

Feel confident in your ability to care for your team, and create a culture that promotes their growth, personally and professionally.

Are you tired of trying to figure it all out on your own? Kacee knows first-hand just how difficult personal growth and professional development can be. Coaching with Kacee consists of understanding the realities of the agriculture industry along with YOUR unique journey combined with proven tools to help you get where you want to be both in your career and in your life.